Anatomy & Physiology Course

In addition to the 2 year Professional Practitioners Crystal Diploma course every student is required to have a valid Anatomy and Physiology Certificate. If you have never completed Anatomy and Physiology before this can be done with The Phoenix College of Crystal Insights at an addition one off payment of £80.00.

The Anatomy and Physiology workbook consists of 6 assignments which must be completed before the start of year 2 by distance learning. In addition the topics are also covered during class time.

Your completed assignments and certificate should be kept in your portfolio for future reference.

The book required to undertake this is: A textbook of Anatomy and Physiology written by William Arnould-Taylor. (ISBN 0-7487-3634-4)

The course comprises of the following topics :

Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology
The Skeletal System
The Muscular System
The Vascular System
The Neurological System
The Digestive System
The Respiratory System
The Genito-Urinary System
The Endocrine System
Accessory Organs