Principal of The Phoenix College of Crystal Insights

I am Nicola Leslie-Gallagher and the Principal of The Phoenix College of Crystal Insights. Crystals have been part of my life since I was a young girl and I just love everything about them, I use crystals every day whether it be in grids at home and work, in my water or even just in my pocket. 

Many years ago I found a college, The Phoenix College of Crystal Therapy offering crystal workshops which I loved and they lead me to study with the college from 2005 till 2007 gaining the Professional Practitioner Diploma in Crystal Therapy. After completing my qualification I began to offer one to one consultations, taster sessions and workshops at various locations in and around Glasgow. The world works in mysterious ways and my passion and love for crystals lead me to take over the business in February 2009 and The Phoenix College of Crystal Insights was born. 

I currently teach the crystal therapy courses within the college and I am dedicated and committed to building a strong crystal community. I am continuing to develop new learning material to reach everyone with an interest in crystals as well as organising crystal sharing days and evenings throughout Scotland.  Crystals are very special to me and it is my hope I can continue to share my knowledge and wisdom of working with them for such a long time, they can be and are very powerful so learning to work with them safely is the key to learning how they can work with you. 
I have a BA in Tertiary Education with a Teaching Qualification for Further Education which I obtained from Stirling University.  A teaching qualification is part of the requirement to be part of The Crystal Therapy Council and I do feel this gives teaching crystal therapy the credit it truly deserves and this is what makes studying with the Phoenix College different being the only Scottish based college that is part of The Crystal Therapy Council. I am the currently the Treasurer of CTC.